Windows Server 2012 - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Part -8

Leave everything default & click next:-

Provide the path of the folder where you want to save the Virtual Machines.
Select the box for “Automatically roll back the virtual desktop when the user logs off”
Click next.
Provide the path of the folder where you want to save the user profile disk (20GB space will be reserved for user data. Data of the user’s login to the machine present in this collection will be saved in this disk, separate user profile disk needs to be created for each collection) & click next:-
Click next.

Click Create to begin the installation process.
Now the process will begin something like this:-
It will start with exporting the desktop which can be seen in the hyper-v manager console.
A folder for Virtual Machine VHD & user profile disk will be created in the folder specified:-
Once the process is finished the machines will be created in hyper-v:-
Every setting for these machines will be copied from the template machine used for creating these machines.
Now when we look again in the server manager -> RDS collection ->Collection
The newly created collection will be available there.
(I have few more collections created.)
There will be all 5 machine created for this collection.
After this you can directly jump to Step 14 to check if this collection is shown in RD web.

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