Windows Server 2012 - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - Part-7

About Collection in RDS.
There are two type of collection which can be created in RDS.
1.       Pooled collections.
2.       Personal collections.
Pooled collections – These collections are pool of machines in which any domain user can login from RD web access. User Profile disks are created for these collections & user’s personal data are stored on these disks. Before a user login’s to these machines Hyper-v takes a snapshot of the machine & then machine gets revert to the original state once user logoff’s.
Personal collections – These collections are pool of machines in which each machine is assigned to a particular user. No User profile disk are needed for these machines as every user have his own machine & the changes made by the user are saved in the machine. Hyper-v does not have snapshots of these machines.
Creation of Pool collection.
Open Server Manager & go to RDS roles click on collections.
Click on Tasks & select “Create Virtual Desktop Collection”

Provide a name to the collection & click next:-

Select Pooled virtual desktop collection

Select the machine which was created as template in step 4 and click next:-

Leave everything as default & click next:-

Select the time zone, domain name & OU:-

Select the domain user group who will be accessing the machine.
Select the no. of virtual desktop you want to create for the pool.
Provide a specific name to the virtual machines & click next.

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