Windows Server 2012 - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. - Part-1

Introduction to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure it is a process of providing virtual machines to the users so they can work anytime anywhere and can access these machines with the use of internet or in intranet.
It’s a cost effective solution where virtual machines will be replacing the physical desktops & now employee can work anytime from anywhere round the globe.
All the company data will be stored in a data center so that no data leave out of the company. And with the introduction of User Disk concept in RDS role of Windows server 2012 user’s data are saved after user logoff. So, user doesn’t have to worry for the data & they can be productive in no time.
·         Windows server 2012 (Datacenter or Standard)
·         Windows 8*
·         Windows 7*
·         SSL Certificates.(From any Certificate Authority (if it’s in production)or self-signed (if it’s in lab environment) )
Other Requirements:-
·         2 NIC card installed in the server.
·         Public IP for one network.
·         Domain name for the public IP.

*Necessary only if you are creating a pool of computers or personal computers pool, you should have at least one of the OS media with you.

Details Description:-
3.1   Installation of Windows server 2012.
Install Windows server 2012 on the physical machine (I have installed datacenter).
3.2   Network Configuration.
Starting with the network configuration .This is the network connection of windows server consists of two networks the first one is for external network which has Public IP & second one is for Internal network which has private IP from DHCP configured in private network.(This network consist of AD,DHCP,DNS domain users are created in this network).


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